Pioneer Trail Frontier Games: Everything you need to know


We've known that the Frontier Games would be coming to Pioneer Trail for a couple of weeks now, but now that the final product has actually launched on our Homesteads, there just might be more work here than we're ready for. You'll need to be level 16 or higher to access the Frontier Games, and you'l need to place individual games on your Homestead in order to participate. Of course, as with most features, there's also a series of goals to complete in the Frontier Games, so here's our guide to finishing them off!

Let the Games Begin

  • Place the Frontier Torch

  • Place a Log Sawin Game

  • Use 3 Frontier Saws

The Frontier Saws are items that you'll need to craft using Frontier Spirit and Durable Saws (ask friends). The Frontier Spirit is found when harvesting Frontier Flowers, which are available to send and receive to/from your friends on the game's free gifts page. As for the Frontier Torch, this is the event's upgradable building project that requires plenty of building ingredients and crafting to finish. Needless to say, there's a lot of work here, but you'll earn 200 XP, three Frontier Flowers and two Olive Trees if you make it past this first goal (which is arguably the easiest of them all).

Lighting the Way

  • Harvest 40 Frontier Flowers

  • Use Frontier Saws 12 More Times

  • Finish Phase 1 of the Torch

Rewards: Rock Chippin' Game, Frontier Games Cows, 800 XP

Between A Rock & A Hard Place

  • Tend Frontier Games Cows 15 Times

  • Use the Frontier Hammers on a Rock Chippin' Game

  • Finish Phase 2 of the Torch

The Frontier Hammers are crafted using Frontier Spirit and Rockhammers, with these Rockhammers also coming from your friends. You'll receive another game, the Weed Pullin' Game, for finishing this goal, along with two Frontier Medal Trees and 1,500 XP.

Prove Your Medal

  • Use the Frontier Pulleys on a Weed Pullin' Game

  • Collect the Daily Bonus on any five Frontier Games Trophies

  • Finish Phase 3 of the Torch

Frontier Pulleys, you guessed it, are crafted using Frontier Spirit and Simple Pulleys, with the pulleys coming from friends. As for these Frontier Games Trophies, you'll earn these when playing the Frontier Games that you've been placing previously. You can invite your friends to help you out to earn a higher score on each game, and you'll be timed along the way to keep things moving ever-forward. Trophies come in three varieties: Bronze, Silver and Gold, and you'll likely be happy to know that they can be stored away once you've finished this event. Speaking of finishing, you'll receive a Track Suit Cow, 8,500 XP and two Frontier Fritters for completing this goal, which is technically the final goal in the series. What's a Frontier Fritter? It's a boost that offers you double the movement speed and triple XP on actions for a period of two hours once activated.

Along with these goals, there's an overall goal that will require you to complete the three new collections released in the Frontier Games: the Lag Sawin, Rock Chippin and Weed Pullin collections. You'll receive another 20,000 XP (yes, that's 20,000), a Greek Bear and 15 Horseshoes for completing this overall goal.

On top of all of this, there's a chance to win rewards for simply playing the games in this event, as you can win boosts, Crazy Cakes, collectibles and much more. Good luck winning everything in these Frontier Games before they're over!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these Frontier Games in Pioneer Trail? Do you think you'll work to earn Gold Trophies in every game? Sound off in the comments!