Google makes nice save with soccer-themed Olympics Google Doodle

Olympics Google Doodle soccer
Olympics Google Doodle soccer

Man, Google is on a tear with these Google Doodles, huh? The latest Olympic-themed Google Doodle game is all about soccer--err, football. More specifically, the game is all about making the saves. You're the goalie, and it's your job to block as many balls as possible in this potentially endless Google Doodle.

While the game informs you to use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump for those air balls, you can use your mouse to move with far more accuracy. Simply moving in front of rolling balls is enough to block them. But as soon as three balls pass you into the net, it's game over.

It doesn't help that the shooter gets progressively faster and more varied with his attempts as your counter increases. Things get pretty insane right around the 35-goals-blocked mark. And since around 35 goals only nets you two medals, we can't imagine how intense the goal-blocking might get beyond that. We'd like to tell you ... but we haven't made it past 35. Can you?

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