Minecraft 101: Master Minecraft with 10 Helpful How-to Videos

Minecraft help videos
Folks in the know have been playing Minecraft and creating their own mini worlds for years. But for those of you who have just chipped away at the surface of this open world phenomenon--and judging from the Minecraft home page, there are plenty--you might appreciate a couple of pointers. Whaddya know, you've come to just the right place. Here are 10 videos that will show you the ropes of digging, creating, battling and sometimes hiding in the massive world of Minecraft:
Minecraft 101

Minecraft Xbox 360 Beginner's Guide

This seven-minute-long clip has everything you need to know for navigating Minecraft on your Xbox 360, the latest game device to get in on the craze. Are you taking notes?
Minecraft how-to videos

Minecraft Crafting Guide: Tools

Once you start digging, you'll want to use those precious materials to make some stuff. That's where this eight-minute video comes in, showing you the basics for every tool to create, create, create.
Minecrafting how-to videos

Minecraft XP Grinding Made Easy

In this six-minute guide, you'll learn how to get lots of XP in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, it's a super neat-o trick!
Minecraft how-to

Minecraft Tutorial: How to Survive in the Nether

A seriously handy video, this is your one-stop guide to making sure your trips in and out of The Nether go unscathed. Don't enter the eternally-flammable underworld without it!
Minecraft help videos

Minecraft Tutorial - Making a Bow

This quick guide shows you how to make a bow and arrows in Minecraft, and essential weapon for downing baddies from afar. Never go up against and explosive creeper without one.
Minecraft help

Minecraft Tutorial: Advanced Combat

Check out this short video guide for glimpse at some of the more advanced combat tactics at your disposal in the world of Minecraft.
Minecraft videos

Minecraft Tutorial: How to Install Minecraft Skins

Want to give your character a specific style or flair? Then check out this video for how to give your character some new duds.
Minecraft tutorials

Minecraft Tutorial: How to Install Texture Packs

Your world could probably use a new coat of paint, so watch this video to find out how to install texture packs that will change the way your world works without touching anything.
Minecraft video guides

Minecraft Tutorial: How to Use Redstone

So, you found some Redstone. Now, here's how you can use it to make some really cool stuff, like remote-controlled doors and even complex machines.
Minecraft tutorial videos

Minecraft Tutorial: How to Ward Off Creepers

Now that you have a bow and arrows, it's time to put it to good use. Here are some best practices for dealing with those dastardly creepers.

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