FarmVille Mystery Diner Countdown contents revealed!

The apparently permanent countdown feature in FarmVille has been updated this week, with a whole net set of 13 prizes being available in a Mystery Diner theme. As you might expect from a Mystery Diner event in the real world, this set of prizes features animals that are dressed for a fancy dinner before someone stole the FarmVille Jewels. The storyline with this feature is lackluster at best, but the prizes you can receive are definitely worthwhile, especially if you're simply an animal collector in FarmVille. Here's a complete rundown of the 12 daily prizes, according to FarmVille Planet.

Day 1: Detective Dingo
Day 2: Mister Moose
Day 3: Bovine Bell Cow
Day 4: Actress Gnome
Day 5: Eccentric Elm Tree
Day 6: Diplomat Dodo
Day 7: Mrs Mink
Day 8: Colonel Cuscus
Day 9: Baron Von Boubou
Day 10: Madame Meerkat
Day 11: Professor Quack
Day 12: Carriage Driver Tree

Remember, to earn these prizes, you'll need to ask your friends for collectible items by posting those requests on your news feed. When the countdown ends and all 12 animals have been unlocked, you'll have a chance at earning the Brumby Butler Horse for earning one of each. You can purchase these animals (including the horse) with Farm Cash if you'd rather not wait for your friends to help you, but why not try to earn them for free first? You're on a time limit overall, so get started sooner, rather than later! Good luck!

What do you think of the prizes in this Mystery Diner Countdown in FarmVille? Which countdown theme has been your favorite thus far? Sound off in the comments!