FarmVille Master Lu's Study: Everything you need to know

Our time in FarmVille's Jade Falls farm isn't over just yet, as we can now build Master Lu's Study, an upgradeable home that will allow you to earn experience points each time you collect from it. The base of Master Lu's Study is given to you for free, and it actually appears that you can place it on farms outside of Jade Falls (if you get an out-of-sync error when doing so, then it's likely this has been changed). Either way, once you place the Study, you'll need to start collecting building materials to complete and upgrade it.

Each level of the Study requires additional units of Books, Dowels and Parchment, which are earned primarily by either asking your friends to send them to you or purchasing them for Farm Cash. You can also earn these items by looking for bonuses shared by your friends as they work on this Study in their own games as well. Here's a rundown of the items needed for each level.

Level 1: 10 Books, 6 Dowels, 6 Parchment
Level 2: 12 Books, 8 Dowels, 8 Parchment
Level 3: 18 Books, 10 Dowels, 10 Parchment
Level 4: 24 Books, 14 Dowels, 14 Parchment

The most obvious difference between these levels is the appearance of the Study itself, as it will become more complex and complete as you continue to upgrade it. You can harvest Master Lu's Study once per day and will receive XP and books for doing so. Even after you've completely upgraded the Study, you'll still receive Books, which can either be sold for additional coins or re-gifted to your neighbors that have yet to finish their Studies.

Overall, this is a fairly basic building feature that's more time consuming than functional (unless you plan to remain dedicated to Jade Falls after all of the goals expire), and you definitely aren't required to construct one to continue playing the game. We wish you luck in completing it, if that's what you decide to do!

[Via: Zynga]

What do you think of Master Lu's Study in FarmVille? Will you build and completely upgrade one in your game? Sound off in the comments!