CastleVille Princess Tower: Everything you need to know

If you're a CastleVille player that needs additional Castle Points to continue to expand out into the gloom, and you also happen to have a few hundred thousand coins to freely throw around, you can now purchase the Princess Tower, a Royal Building that offers you 350 Castle Points after it's built.

The Princess Tower costs 210,000 coins to purchase, and then requires quite a few building materials to actually finish it off:

  • 10 Iron Bars

  • 12 Gold Bricks

  • 10 Magnifying Glasses

  • 3 Stained Glass

When you collect these necessary items, you'll then be able to collect from the Princess Tower once every four days to receive 3,300 coins. That's an awfully long time, if you're just purchasing this structure for its ability to give you coins, but if you need that guaranteed boost of Castle Points, you might want to consider this item anyway. That is, it's a cheaper item than some of the other Royal Structures that offer similar amounts of Castle Points, but cost much more to purchase. It should be noted that some users were able to purchase multiple Princess Towers (as many as they wanted), but this is a bug that Zynga has now fixed.

There's currently no quest associated with building this Princess Tower, and it doesn't come with a time limit in the store. That being the case, feel free to construct one at your leisure, or even skip it for now until you're ready to spend that many coins on a single item.

[Materials Via CastleVille Links]

What do you think of this Princess Tower in CastleVille? Were you able to build multiple towers in your Kingdom before Zynga shut off the bug? Sound off in the comments!