The Walking Dead finally shambles onto Facebook to hype up Season 3

The Walking Dead Facebook game
The Walking Dead Facebook game

Fans of all that is gutsy and gory, The Walking Dead has finally launched on Facebook, courtesy of AMC, Eyes Wide Games and RockYou. The long-awaited social game offshoot of the acclaimed TV drama and comic book series is said to blend elements of strategy and survival horror to create an intense game experience all the while psyching players up for Season 3.

"Gamers are ready for a more robust gameplay experience on Facebook," RockYou Studio Partners SVP and GM Josh Grant said in a release. "We're bringing a thrilling survival-horror game experience to a more social platform that both long-time gamers and fans new to the gaming space can enjoy."


The Walking Dead Facebook game is designed to appeal to the "hardcore" crowd of gamers, with its role-playing game-like stat-based system tracking characters' attributes like stamina, shooting accuracy, range of motion and vision. But given the usual accessibility of Facebook games, Eyes Wide and RockYou hope The Walking Dead will have a broader reach as well.

At first glance, The Walking Dead is most definitely one of the darker social games we've seen in a long time (both literally and figuratively speaking). Just as in the show, things look downright grim in this branded game from its environments to its characters. Expect way more complete thoughts than your average zombie can handle in our upcoming review.

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