Google hits the ravine with today's 2012 Olympics Google Doodle

Olympics Google Doodle slalom canoe
Olympics Google Doodle slalom canoe

In Google's latest assault on your wrist (in honor of the 2012 Olympic Games, of course), your mission is to ensure that a slalom canoe rider makes it to the finish line as quickly and safely as possible. And all you need to do is hammer on the left and right arrow keys. Today's Olympic-themed Google Doodle game is as adorable as the rest, but possibly the most challenging.

You see, in order to achieve a three-star score, your canoe must cross through each and every set of green poles as quickly as possible. If you miss even one, then you won't receive the coveted three stars, or should we say "medals"? Our best time in the office so far is 22 seconds flat, though we've yet to manage to hit all of the poles for those three medals.

One can only hope that this trend of topical, interactive Google Doodle games continues beyond the Olympics. It would be super interesting to see the folks at the search giant flex their game development muscle even more, hopefully entering different genres and game types. Hell, we'd even take a long jump Google Doodle at this point.

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