Mountain Lion Bursts Into Montana Home of Isabelle Jacobsen, Chased Down by Police

mountain line montana home isabelle jacobsen
mountain line montana home isabelle jacobsen

The Jacobsen family must be a steely bunch: They faced down a mountain lion that burst into their home in Baker, Mont.

The young male mountain lion entered the family's home Wednesday, and following a suspenseful chase, was shot by police. But that was after Isabelle Jacobsen and her lapdog had a nail-biting encounter with the cat when it charged through their front door's storm window in a spray of glass.

The Jacobsens held their ground during the confrontation, Isabelle's 15-year-old daughter, Solenn, told AOL Real Estate.

"She didn't say she was really scared," Solenn said about her mother who, according to The Bismarck Tribune, was donning her nightgown when she was confronted by the mountain lion.

"My little dog barked at it," Solenn said of the family's plucky bichon frise, Queen, who stayed at her mistress' side during the episode.

After a stare-down with the cougar, Isabelle snatched up Queen and the feline sprinted for the basement, settling in the home's recreation room, the Tribune reported. Authorities arrived soon after and shot the wild animal with a tranquilizer dart. But because the dart struck bone, the sedative didn't take hold, the newspaper said.

The cat then reportedly bolted out one of the Jacobsens' open doors and ran into a neighbor's yard, where it was shot to death by police.

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