Zynga quietly launches Gems with Friends in Canadian App Store

If you don't routinely check the Canadian iTunes store for new app releases, Zynga's surprise launch of Gems with Friends probably passed you by. Luckily, the folks at Mashable noticed that the game was released solely in the Canadian App Store this week, and we've personally been able to go hands-on with Zynga's newest mobile game to see what makes this ...With Friends game tick.

Gems with Friends initially looks similar to Matching with Friends, but instead of focusing solely on the colors of the symbols that we're given, we're asked to focus on the numbers contained within each as well. Each game (which can be launched against Facebook friends or complete strangers) lasts three rounds, with rounds being timed. This experience offers much more of an arcade-style of gameplay, as you'll work to place three more more like numbers next to one another, creating a gem with the next highest number in the process. To be specific, you'll place three "1" tiles to create a "2" tile, three "2" tiles to create a "3" tile, and so on. In this way, the game plays very similarly to Triple Town, for those that are familiar with Spry Fox's iOS hit.

Gems with Friends also includes a series of power-ups that will slow down the clock, act as wild card symbols and more, but whether or not this latest ...With Friends game will earn the same recognition from mobile gamers as its predecessors is of course up in the air. We'll have more complete thoughts on Gems with Friends after the game launches in America "soon."

Click here to download Gems with Friends free in the Canadians App Store ---->

Have you had a chance to get your hands on Gems with Friends? Do you think this style of fast-paced gameplay fits in the "With Friends" franchise? Sound off in the comments!

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