FarmVille Falling Stars Goals: Everything you need to know

A meteor shower is on its way to FarmVille, and you'll be able to celebrate the event via a new themed goal series in the game called Falling Stars. This goal series will be available for the next 14 days, and there are nine goals to complete in all. We're here with a guide to complete these goals, so let's get started!

Might Get Chilly

  • Get 6 Blankets

  • Harvest 50 Wheat

  • Harvest Pet Run 2 Times

Rewards: 125 XP, Star Cat, 2,500 coins

It's Dark Out There!

  • Get 7 Flashlights

  • Harvest 75 Golden Poppies

  • Harvest Star Cat 2 Times

Rewards: 150 XP, Unwither, 3,000 coins

There Goes a Star Now!

  • Get 8 Telescopes

  • Harvest 100 Soybeans

  • Harvest Bunny Hutch 2 Times

Rewards: 175 XP, Star Shaped Pool, 3,500 coins

Where Is the Big Dipper?

  • Get 9 Constellation Guides

  • Harvest 125 Eggplant

  • Master Star Cat to Level 1

Rewards: 200 XP, Star Sheep, 4,000 coins

Popcorn and Meteor Showers

  • Get 9 Popcorn

  • Harvest 150 Squash

  • Harvest Star Sheep 2 Times

Rewards: 225 XP, Star Tree, 4,500 coins

Brrr... It's Freezing Up In Here

  • Get 9 Hot Cocoa

  • Harvest 150 Daffodils

  • Harvest Star Tree 2 Times

Rewards: 250 XP, Turbo Charge, 5,000 coins

We Are Still Cold!

  • Get 10 Sweaters

  • Harvest 150 Morning Glory

  • Master Star Sheep to 1 Star

Rewards: 275 XP, Star Dog, 5,500 coins

Sit Down and Enjoy the Show

  • Get 11 Folding Chairs

  • Harvest 150 Rice

  • Harvest Star Dog 2 Times

Rewards: 300 XP, Mystery Game Dart, 6,000 coins

The Meteor Show Has Begun!

  • Get 12 Bug Spray

  • Harvest 200 Spinach

  • Craft a Farmhand

Rewards: 325 XP, Falling Star Unicorn, 6,500 coins

Again, you'll only have two weeks to finish these nine goals, but if you can finish all of these goals within that time, you can repeat them again for additional prizes. We wish you the best of luck in fishing these goals at least once!

[Via: Zynga]

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