Solitaire Blitz Duels: Everything you need to know


PopCap has made a huge update to Solitaire Blitz this week, releasing a new multiplayer game mode that will see you challenging your friends to one-on-one matches to earn the most points in a single game. Appropriately, this new feature is called "Duels," and we're here with a look at how this feature works.

From the game's main page, you'll be able to click on the "Duel Friends" button in the top right corner of the screen to send out individual challenges to friends. Whether you challenge one friend or 100, the setup is the same: both you and your opponent will be dealt the exact same cards, in the exact same order making success come down to points. That is, the order in which you click cards or activate power-ups will determine how many combo or bonus points you wind up earning, bringing more skill than luck to the experience than ever before!

Each Duel match requires energy to play, just as in a normal game, but you can choose your own power-ups and boosts to customize each game before going in, so the gameplay itself isn't overly different. Just remember, your friends will be able to fire back with power-ups of their own, so winning might not be as easy as you initially think.

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What do you think of this Duels system in Solitaire Blitz? Are you consistently coming out on top, or will this competition push you to up your game in the future?