Google shoots hoops in its next 2012 Olympics Google Doodle

Olympics Google Doodle Basketball
Olympics Google Doodle Basketball

If you thought running hurdles with your fingers in your Google page was a hoot, then you've got another thing coming. Google has released yet another interactive Google Doodle game in honor of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. This time around, the doodle has players shooting as many baskets as possible in 24 seconds. But this is a test of timing rather than pure reflexes.

Google provides the simple (if incomplete) instructions of simply pressing the space bar at intervals. But here are some pro tips from someone who is far from a pro, if that counts for anything: The idea is to press the space bar before the basketball turns red, but after it changes to a deep orange. However, this timing changes when the shooter hops from the 1-point to the 2-point line and, if you make that far, the 3-point line.

We'd point out that this is far from the first interactive Google Doodle that the search giant has crafted, so let's just say that we really, really hope this trend continues well after the Olympics are through. Can a brother get a discus or shot put-themed Google Doodle before the week is through?

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