Disney: Expect 10 Facebook games from the Mouse House in 2012

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Hold onto your Donald Duck mouse pads, because Disney doesn't plan on leaving the Facebook game scene any time soon. In a recent earnings cal, Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed concerns of a dwindling social games space in the wake of Zynga's shares hitting the floor, Associated Press reports. His response was parts concerning, exciting and lukewarm ... all at the same time.

"I think we will launch about 10 games this year, a lot of them are based on Disney-owned (intellectual property) .... . So we feel very good about it. It is not a huge business for us, it is one that we're going to continue to be in," Iger revealed amid bullish views on the recently-launched Facebook App Center.

Iger wasn't clear whether he meant that Disney, or rather its social games arm Playdom, would release 10 more Facebook games by years end or that it will have released that many in 2012 by that time. That would include games like Armies of Magic, Threads of Mystery, Botkin's Hidden Cove, Animal Kingdom Explorers, Ghosts of Mistwood and Blackwood & Bell Mysteries (plus the upcoming City Girl and Mobster's Criminal Empire).

Since a studio of Playdom's size pumping out 10 games in less than five months sounds ludicrous, we'll go with the latter. That said, a whopping eight games in just a few more months than that was possible for the company, so who knows? Either way, just know that more Disney-grown Facebook games are on the way. Just cross your fingers that they're on par with Armies of Magic.

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