Confessions Of A Millionaire's Servant

millionaire servant

By Ashley Lutz

A longtime servant of an eccentric millionaire wrote about what it's like to spend most of your time in a mansion while earning minimum wage.

The man, who said he worked for a gentleman who made millions in real estate, posted on Reddit's Ask Me Anything to answer questions.[Note: Reddit's Ask Me Anything section uses anonymous sources, which we can't verify.]

He said he was paid around $7 an hour for his work, which included polishing his employer's 15 pairs of leather shoes every day.

Here's what he said about his relationship with his employer:

We never had a warm relationship, and he was never particularly generous with me or treated me as anything other than some dumbass who polished his shoes.

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Whether he ever stole:

No, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it. The year we worked on a project where we had to catalogue everything he owned it was almost immediately clear to us that he had no idea what was in his own basement. We could have stolen virtually anything aside from the customized/personalized stuff and no one would ever have known.

And his boss' wasteful spending:

To try to give you a picture of it, this guy is living with his wife in a house that's got probably 15-20 rooms, all fully furnished with really expensive furniture. Most of these rooms never saw any kind of activity whatsoever. Then in the basement, he had enough stuff to basically furnish another two or three houses; hundreds of thousands of dollars of vases, china, crystal, jewelry, and other crap that was just sitting down there for decades (and, as far as I know, is still sitting down there now that we've catalogued it and put it all back.)

Then there was also a garage, the attic of which was full of even more stuff. We never catalogued that, but I know that among other things, there were very expensive high performance racing sails in there (different from the ones he actually used on his racing sailboat, and very expensive), more china and crystal glassware, lots of expensive but kinda outdated AV equipment, etc.

Mind you, this is at the guy's summer house, so in addition to all this, he has at least one other house down in Florida that's way bigger and has tons more expensive furniture, china, cars, etc. etc.

Aside from fresh food, there was really no reason for him to buy anything ever. But he bought new stuff all the time. While we were working for him, he went on a gadget kick and bought a bunch of Apple laptops (like five or six) and a ton of gadgets and other weird stuff that he saw on TV infomercials. For example, everything we used to clean his cars had the "As Seen On TV!" logo on the box.

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