CityVille Youth Athletics Center: Everything you need to know


The sports / Olympics theme in CityVille continues to expand, with the release of not only a Gymnastics Facility, but also a Youth Athletics Center. Both of these features come with their own sets of goals, with the Youth Athletics Center only being available after you've "Power[ed] Through" a goal of the same name (for the Gymnastics Facility, you can check out our guide). Here's a guide to the Youth Athletics Center, and the goals that go along with it.

Power Through!

  • Ask for 14 Power Juice

  • Collect & Place The Athletics Closet

  • Collect from the Athletics Closet 30 Times

Needless to say, this is a lengthy goal, requiring you to build the Athletics Closet for 200,000 coins, and then supply this new business with 320 Goods a whopping 30 times. Collecting from the Athletics Closet earned 1,716 coins by default, so at least you'll earn plenty of coins for your city in the process. When you finish this first goal in the series, you'll receive 200 XP and five energy.

Be a Good Sport!

  • Build the Youth Athletics Center

  • Harvest 50 Carrots

  • Collect from Neighbors' Homes 50 Times

The Youth Athletics Center is a community building that requires seven energy for the base and 35 building materials for its first level of construction. You'll need seven each of Screen Material, Aluminum Frames, AV Equipment, Massive Speakers and Projector Bulbs, with these items being earned through a combination of general news items posted on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. The base level of the Youth Athletics Center offers a 2,000 citizen boost to your town's population cap.

Back in this goal itself, you'll earn 300 XP and 75,000 coins for completing it.

You Deserve a Medal!

  • Ask friends for 20 Whistles

  • Collect from 40 CityVille Games Buildings

  • Upgrade the Youth Athletics Center to Level 3

Each upgrade to the Youth Athletics Center requires you to collect additional units of the building materials listed above. For Level 2, you'll need eight each of those five items, while Level 3 requires 10 each of each ingredient. These upgrades not only help you complete this goal, but they also boost the building's stats, eventually giving your town a maximum population boost of 3,000 citizens. When you complete this final goal, you'll earn a Champions Mansion for your town, which is currently unavailable in the store. It's a home that offers 1,750 citizens to your town's population, so it's definitely worth making it to the end just to receive it.

Make sure that you complete these goals sooner, rather than later, as it's likely that they won't be around forever. Good luck!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Youth Athletics Center goals? What do you think of CityVille's recent focus on sports and the Olympics in our towns? Sound off in the comments!