Cities of Legend launches us into a bleak future on Facebook

Marie Lu's Legend was released back in November of 2011, with this young adult science fiction novel presenting a torn version of America in the year 2130. The United States has split into various factions, led by a totalitarian Republic with little mercy, and the book itself follows two characters on either side of the law: the Republic's most wanted fugitive and an officer of the Republic looking to right past wrongs. While the book has become popular in its own right, the world of Legend will soon be revealed to a much larger audience, as CBS Films and Wicked Sweet Games have today announced "Cities of Legend," an upcoming Facebook game that allows you to choose sides in this war for power in a dangerous future.


We don't know much about the actual gameplay, other than the fact that we'll be able to choose to side with the Republic or become a rebel, but there's a set of concept art and a short teaser trailer available to set the mood. Cities of Legend will apparently combine elements from the "battle, strategy, and puzzle" genres, and we'll make sure to let you know how that all translates into a social experience once we know more.

For now, feel free to head over to the game's Facebook page, where you can sign up for a free gift upon the game's final launch. To do this, you'll need to act as though you wish to play the game, thus registering you as an early adopter. Stay tuned for more on Cities of Legend, and feel free to check out the game's teaser trailer below.

Are you excited about Cities of Legend on Facebook? Do you think these sorts of games, with very specific themes, will work well with the overall Facebook audience? Sound off in the comments!

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