CastleVille Hazel's Heartbreak Quests: Everything you need to know


While CastleVille might have seen the "evil" duo of Faugrimm and Hazel find love in the past, apparently, Faugrimm is just a horrible boyfriend (who would have guessed?) leaving Hazel to come crying (literally) to your Kingdom to crash. Hazel brings a set of eight new quests with her, but luckily, they'll give you a set of new spells to unlock along the way, so they're likely worth completing. These "Hazel's Heartbreak" quests are now available to complete in your Kingdom, and we're here with a look at finishing them off!

Castle Crasher

  • Feed 3 Cows

  • Tend 2 Flowers

  • Pick up the Spellbook of Spirit Magic

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP

Ice to Meet You!

  • Clear 1 Grass

  • Prepare the Frostmite Spell

  • Cast Frostmite Spell 2 Times

The Frostmite Spell requires Alchemist's Powders, Aquamarine and Water to craft, and by casting it in your Kingdom, you'll create ice decorations for Hazel to admire. You'll also receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP for finishing this quest.


  • Craft 2 Wood Clubs

  • Cast the Charm Gloom Rat Spell 2 Times

  • Feed 2 Tamed Gloom Rats

Gloom Rats that are charmed will remain charmed for three days, so you'll need to make sure and feed them before that time expires so that you don't have to charm even more later. You'll earn 2,000 coins, 40 XP and an Icy Gloom Rat Sign for completing this quest.

Where Is the Love?

  • Have 8 Cocoa

  • Have 3 Stuffed Yetis

  • Craft 1 Faugrimm Doll

The Stuffed Yetis are earned via a general news post on your wall. You'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP for reaching this halfway point in the quest series.

Icy Manipulator

  • Cast the Bird Drizzle Spell on 2 Peacocks

  • Craft 2 Leather

  • Feed 2 Bird Dazzled Peacocks

The Bird Dazzle spell enchants your peacocks, and when you collect from them, you'll apparently receive a "rainbow of gems." Aside from that, you'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP for finishing this quest.

Wolf Charmer

  • Tend 15 Sheep

  • Craft 2 Swords

  • Cast the Charm Gloom Wolf Spell to tame a Gloom Wolf

Rewards: 3,250 coins, 65 XP, Icy Gloom Wolf Sign

The Dating Game

  • Craft 3 Candles

  • Craft 3 Moist Coffee Cakes

  • Have 6 Pails of Water

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP, Romantic Dinner Table

Unbreak Her Heart

  • Cast Bird Dazzle 2 Times

  • Craft 3 Berry Scones

  • Prepare 2 Charm Gloom Rat Spells

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP

Apparently, all of this time in your Kingdom will allow Hazel to get back to her normal self, but I'm sure this won't be the last we see of her in our Kingdoms. Stay tuned for more!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these new spells in your Kingdom? Do you think you'll ever use them after you've completed these quests, or do you see yourself casting them all of the time? Sound off in the comments!