The Lorax hits up Words With Friends, Draw Something to pimp his DVD

The Lorax Draw Something
The Lorax Draw Something

Have you noticed something a bit more ... colorful about your Words With Friends and Draw Something games? That's thanks to a deal between developer Zynga and Universal Studios Home Entertainment that has brought The Lorax into each game. The Dr. Seuss tale-turned-animated flick releases on DVD and Blu-ray today, but The Lorax will hang out in each puzzle game for a week.

The nature of each in-game promotion is as expected: The Lorax will appear as a subject to draw in Draw Something, and players will score a free Lorax-themed color palette. Words With Friends, on the other hand, will welcome the loudmouthed critter through special words to play themed around The Lorax. Plus, both games will prompt players to check out a sweepstakes taking place during the same time as this very in-game promotion.

"Both games are highly engaging and accentuate three key attributes that fans like most about the movie; fun and clever word play mixed with vibrant colorful animation," Universal Studios Home Entertainment VP of Digital Marketing Joe Eibert said in a release.

Neither advertising nor in-game promotions are new to either iOS game, but The Lorax is the first Zynga game promotion to run in two games at once. (Multitasking, people!) We know, nobody likes advertising, but at least you're getting a free color palette in Draw Something.

[Image Credit: The Best of Draw Something]

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