FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 10 Goals: Everything you need to know


We've likely reached the very end of the Jade Falls storyline in FarmVille, as Chapter 10 in the "new" farm's storyline has now launched via a set of six goals. You'll have just a week to finish off these goals, requiring speed and dedication to finish them all off in time. Here's a complete look at these new goals, giving you an idea of what crops to plant, what recipes to produce and more ahead of time.

Three-Flowered Maple Tree

  • Get 6 Three-Flowered Maple Leaves

  • Harvest 12 Chinese Daikon

  • Make 2 Chow Mein

Rewards: 50 ZP, Three-Flowered Maple Tree, 425 Jade Coins

Champak Tree

  • Get 8 Champak Petals

  • Harvest 12 Sticky Rice

  • Make Pho Soup 3 Times

Rewards: 100 ZP, Chimpak Tree, 850 Jade Coins

Teak Tree

  • Get 8 Teak Leaves

  • Harvest 25 Lotus

  • Harvest 1 Champak Tree

Rewards: 150 ZP, Teak Tree, 1,275 Jade Coins

Japanese Lilac

  • Get 8 Lilac Sprigs

  • Harvest 18 Wasabi

  • Make 4 Bibimbap

Rewards: 200 ZP, Japanese Lilac Tree, 1,700 Jade Coins

Japanese Wisteria

  • Get 9 Wisteria Leaves

  • Harvest 35 Imperial Tea

  • Improve Imperial Shipyard to Level 4

Rewards: 300 ZP, Japanese Wisteria Tree, 2,125 Jade Coins

Empress Tree

  • Get 10 Empress Leaves

  • Harvest Japanese Wisteria Tree 2 Times

  • Make 4 Hot & Sour Eggplant

Rewards: 400 ZP, Empress Tree, 4,250 Jade Coins

As you can see, this goal series is all about exclusive trees, so if you're a tree farmer or simply like collecting unique, technically free trees, you'll want to pay special attention to these goals while they're available. If you finish all six with time left over, you can repeat these goals for extra rewards, but of course, there's no shame in simply finishing them first before time runs out. Good luck!

[Via Zynga]

What do you think of these Chapter 10 goals in FarmVille's Jade Farms expansion? Do you think this is the end of the Jade Falls storyline in the game, or will we see Chapter 11 and beyond released next week? Sound off in the comments!