CityVille Mascot House: Everything you need to know

As part of CityVille's continuing celebration of the Olympic Games, players are now encouraged to build a Mascot House, allowing them to unlock City Games Pins and prizes. This Mascot House is only available through a matching goal called "Find the Pins," which also asks you to ask your friends for 20 Pin Books and finish a Country Pin Collection. That's a lot to take in all at once, but we're here to set things straight.

Once you've placed and built the Mascot House, you will need to start collecting mascots in the form of pigeons to upgrade it. Pigeons each wear a different color of athletic jersey, separating them in requests and loot drops. If you remember the Easter Egg Hunt feature back in the Spring of this year, this Mascot House works almost identically, allowing you to ask for Mascots from your friends, and then ask for these colorful birds to upgrade the house itself.

To be especially clear, you'll ask your friends for Mascots which will then show up in your CityVille town, just as the Easter bunnies showed up last Spring. You can click on nearby buildings to earn "hidden" Pins, with Pins being collectible items that work to fill four collections (more could be added in the future). You can also earn items like XP, coins and building parts if you're lucky.

Back in the Mascot House itself, you'll need to collect items like Yellow, Cyan or Pink pigeons to actually upgrade the house, changing its appearance and its stats. At its basic level, your town will only have one Mascot "hiding" at a time, and the building's community building function will offer 200 citizens of allowance to your town. As you upgrade through the Mascot House's four levels, you'll eventually be able to hold seven Mascots and will have a population cap increase of 500 citizens. You'll also need to upgrade to unlock the other three collections in this feature.

Overall, this event will reward you with sports themed items, and the "Find the Pins!" goal itself will even reward you with a single City Cash for completing it. It's likely that you'll only be able to collect both Mascots and pins for a limited time, so make sure to start working on this feature in your own town sooner, rather than later. Good luck finishing everything off in time!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the CityVille Games Mascot House? Will you work to complete all four of the new collections, or will you dedicate your time to finishing off other features that were released previously? Sound off in the comments!