Bingo Blingo slaps the dauber on iOS, and SGN hints at what's to come

Bingo Blingo iOS
Bingo Blingo iOS

From the days of MySpace, later MindJolt and to today as SGN (or Social Gaming Network), it's been a wild ride for the creators of Facebook games like Jewels of the Amazon and Panda Jam. Ever since MindJolt purchased SGN and took the name for its own, SGN has worked on transitioning into a cross-platform game company.

"As MindJolt has evolved, we've developed games for multiple platforms. We've really focused on becoming a cross-platform game developer and publisher," SGN COO (and MySpace co-founder) Colin Digiaro tells us. "We understand that it's never wise to become too focused on one platform."

To that end, SGN looks to employ a similar strategy to competitors like FreshPlanet, and Wooga. And it's exactly why the developer looks to release a mobile version of its Facebook casino-style game, Bingo Blingo, on iOS devices this week. "We understand which kind of casual games actually work on Facebook," Digiaro says. "Bingo Blingo is our latest foray into the casual game mechanic. Casual-type games have been so popular, and Bingo kind of speaks for itself in that category."

While cross-platform play will always be a concern for SGN, it also has a laser focus on exactly which types of games it will create natively for each platform. On Facebook, SGN is hot on casual and casino games, but on mobile the company wants to continue pushing on time-management games in the same vein of its Fluff Friends and Rescue Reef games on iOS.

Digiaro and co. have even used what seems to be coming to light for Zynga as a source of inspiration for their strategy. "This was kind of writing on the wall for us, which is why we started at the beginning of the year with diversifying. Over the past six months, it seems like [abandoning Facebook] has been the in-vogue thing to do. [But] we really love it." Bingo Blingo is slated to launch on iOS devices worldwide by the end of this month.

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