Will Zynga step aside for the second generation of social games?

FarmVille doomed
FarmVille doomed

That's the prediction that Tadhg Kelly, a 20-year veteran of game design, made in scathing and forward-looking opinion editorial piece on TechCrunch over the weekend. Kelly seems to agree that Zynga is on its way out. (Though, the company does have the resources and time to change its ways.) The game designer was even more specific in his predictions of Zynga's fate.

"For Zynga there will be probably be calls to shutter many of its studios in the name of efficiency and refocusing," Kelly wrote. "This will probably then be followed by talks of acquisition, perhaps by Marissa Mayer's Yahoo, at 50 cents on the IPO dollar."

That's a terribly focused prediction, no? The basis for Kelly's opinions stem not only from the turbulent recent events over at the dog house, but a piece that he wrote nearly two years on Gamasutra that forecasted much of the issues that plague the social games world today, with Zynga being a main offender. Luckily, according to Kelly, there's light at the end of this tunnel.

But not for Zynga. While Zynga will sell and lose much of its empire, a social gaming renaissance has a golden opportunity to emerge. One that focuses on the value proposition to the player that, in Kelly's eyes, current social games simply don't deliver.

Do you agree that Zynga will be forced to sell as the new generation of social games begins? Who do you think will come out on top? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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