States With The Most Underemployed Workers

states most unemployed workers
states most unemployed workers

By Jake Thiewes & 24/7 Wall Street

With the upcoming presidential election, more than ever people are focused on the government's unemployment statistics. Last Friday, the Labor Department announced a slight increase in the unemployment rate -- from 8.2 percent to 8.3 percent.

Unemployment, however, does not tell the whole story. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statics, 24/7 Wall Street calculated an "underemployment rate" and noted the places with the most "underemployed." That number includes workers who have given up on the job search, search infrequently, or have part-time jobs that barely pay the bills. These people don't show up in the unemployment stats, but they're suffering all the same.

So then, which states are the most "underemployed?"