Mobage's Marvel: War of Heroes coming this fall to iOS and Android

Late last week, DeNA / Mobage and Hasbro announced a partnership that will see Transformers Battle being released on iOS and Android devices later this fall, but that isn't the only mobile card-battle game that DeNA and Mobage have up their collective sleeves. Announced just this morning is Marvel: War of Heroes from the folks at Mobage and Marvel Entertainment. Marvel: War of Heroes will be similar to Transformers Battle in that players will be able to collect hundreds of cards with varying rarities and then take them to battle against real and computer controlled opponents.

There will be hundreds of cards available at launch, containing both heroes and villains within the Marvel universe, and that selection will be expanded after the game's initial release. Furthermore, players will be given special incentives to combine specific characters based on real combinations that have happened in the various Marvel universe storylines. For instance, a special power will apparently unlock when players combine the forces of Black Widow and Captain America.


With character art drawn by real Marvel artists and a fully original storyline, along with world events that will continue to expand on the stock gameplay experience, Marvel fans should have no problem finding entertainment in War of Heroes. In addition, fans that are excited for launch can head to a new website for the game where they can register to earn a special, exclusive rare card when the game actually launches. Click here to do just that, and stay tuned for more on Marvel: War of Heroes as we get closer to launch this fall!

Are you excited for Marvel: War of Heroes? Do you think card battle games transfer well to a mobile gameplay experience? Sound off in the comments!

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