Madonna Broderick of Toronto Almost Loses Arm When Struck By Shattered Glass in Storm

Madonna Broderick arm house

One woman probably regrets taking shelter from the storm.

Madonna Broderick, 55, of Toronto, was seeking refuge in an alcove during a thunderstorm when a piece of insulation flew into a pane of glass -- and a large shard of the glass nearly severed her arm, the Toronto Star reported. The glass sliced her from her right wrist to her elbow, cutting deep enough to see bone.

Broderick was rushed to the hospital, where doctors sewed up her arm using more than 50 stitches. But to make matters worse, she's a diabetic, and she now fears that she will lose her arm.

"I'm going to have nightmares about this," Broderick told the Star. "This much closer, and it would have been my head."

The insulation that caused the accident is thought to have come from a condo construction site across the street, but the developer of the site told the Star that "nobody is sure" if that's true.

"Until the results of the investigation into the cause of yesterday's incident are known to us, we are unable to provide further comment, other than to express our sympathies for the individual injured and our hope for a speedy recovery," developer Larry Blankenstein said in a statement.

"We are aware of yesterday's unfortunate weather-related incident, and we are co-operating fully with the resulting investigation," Blankenstein added.

Broderick and her family plan to sue once the source of the insulation can be confirmed.

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Madonna Broderick of Toronto Almost Loses Arm When Struck By Shattered Glass in Storm

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