FarmVille Unicorn Island: Everything you need to know

Over the weekend, we discovered a set of Unicorn Island animals and building materials that had mysteriously appeared in the FarmVille marketplace, and tonight they've actually been given a purpose. That's right, Unicorn Island is now available to build on your farm(s)! While the Unicorn Island might appear pretty daunting, it can ultimately be thought of as a general animal storage habitat, similar to the Dino Lab. That is, you'll need to collect building materials to construct the Unicorn Island, which can then be used to store unicorns in your game.

The first stage of Unicorn Island requires 30 building materials 10 Enchanted Blossoms, 10 Rainbow Clovers and 10 Hearts of Gold. These items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash. You can also claim these items for free on the wall posts shared by your friends as they also work on completing their very own Unicorn Islands.

When you've completed the construction of your Unicorn Island, you'll be able to store 20 unicorns inside it. You'll be able to harvest Unicorn Island once per day to earn mastery points and coins relating to the animals stored inside, but the main draw is the ability to collect gems. Similar to the DNA of the Dino Lab feature, these gems can be combined to receive new types of unicorns in your game! Different kinds of unicorns produce different colors of gems, so it's worth keeping all of the unicorns you might create, even if they're duplicates.

There are multiple unicorns and gem combinations available within Unicorn Island, and here's a complete look at the different formulas, straight from Zynga.

Pink Lemonade Unicorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst (purchase for 20 FC)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

Moon Unicorn

Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst (purchase for 24 FC)
Harvest: White Diamond

Supernova Unicorn
Requires: 6 Purple Amethyst, 8 White Diamond (purchase for 28 FC)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

Moss Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst, 4 White Diamond (purchase for 32 FC)
Harvest: Green Emerald

Wind Pegacorn
Requires: 9 Purple Amethyst, 5 White Diamond, 4 Green Emerald (purchase for 40 FC)
Harvest: White Diamond

Dragon Pegacorn
Requires: 5 Purple Amethyst, 11 White Diamond, 6 Green Emerald (purchase for 50 FC)
Harvest: Red Ruby

Princess Unicorn
Requires: 8 Purple Amethyst, 9 White Diamond, 10 Green Emerald (purchase for 64 FC)
Harvest: Green Emerald

Star Light Unicorn
Requires: 12 Purple Amethyst, 9 White Diamond, 10 Green Emerald, 4 Red Ruby (purchase for 84 FC)
Harvest: White Diamond

Icy Fire Pegacorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst, 12 White Diamond, 11 Green Emerald, 10 Red Ruby (purchase for 107 FC)
Harvest: Green Emerald

Angel Pegacorn
Requires: 11 Purple Amethyst, 10 White Diamond, 19 Green Emerald, 14 Red Ruby (purchase for 141 FC)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

Tiara Unicorn
Requires: 10 Purple Amethyst, 16 White Diamond, 17 Green Emerald, 22 Red Ruby (purchase for 169 FC)
Harvest: Red Ruby

Fancy Pants Unicorn
Requires: 15 Purple Amethyst, 20 White Diamond, 18 Green Emerald, 16 Red Ruby, 10 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 202 FC)
Harvest: Purple Amethyst

Lightning Pegacorn

Requires: 22 Purple Amethyst, 15 White Diamond, 23 Green Emerald, 18 Red Ruby. 20 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 257 FC)
Harvest: Red Ruby

Robot Unicorn
Requires: 20 Purple Amethyst, 23 White Diamond, 20 Green Emerald, 33 Red Ruby, 26 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 323 FC)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

Phoenix Pegacorn
Requires: 40 Purple Amethyst, 37 White Diamond, 29 Green Emerald, 23 Red Ruby, 30 Blue Sapphire (purchase for 400 FC)
Harvest: Blue Sapphire

It's always possible that additional unicorns will be added as formulas within Unicorn Island, so make sure to keep yours even after you're done with it so that you don't have to start all over from scratch. Good luck creating the unicorns that you most want!

What do you think of this Unicorn Island feature? Which unicorn do you wish to create first? Sound off in the comments!