FarmVille Mystery Game (08/05/12): Australian animals come to the farm


In keeping with the new Australian item theme that has launched in FarmVille's marketplace, farmers can now earn even more Australian themed animals for their farm(s) by playing this week's Mystery Game. This week's theme offers six (technically seven) new animals at a price of 16 Farm Cash per dart thrown at the board. Here's this week's lineup of prizes, according to FarmVille Freak.

Bridled Wallaby
Male Ostrich
Spotted Cucus
Waler Horse
White Belly Sea Eagle

If you can win one of each of the above six animals, you'll receive a special seventh prize, the Rose Cockatoo, at no additional cost. Remember, this item isn't truly "free," unless you've earned all six of the above prizes with free Mystery Game Darts, and it could end up being rather expensive if you're actually paying to play. What's more, you'll likely end up with duplicates of the first six prizes as you try to earn one of each. We wish you the best of luck if you're going after the Rose Cockatoo for your farm!

What do you think of this set of Australian animals in the FarmVille Mystery Game? Sound off in the comments!