Zynga launches ChefVille on Facebook: Dive in for good eats

Just as quickly as we bring you a sneak preview of ChefVille on Facebook, Zynga decides to go ahead and push the button to launch the game in full on Facebook. That's right, you can now dive into Zynga's newest virtual kitchen, where you'll customize an avatar and learn to cook amazing dishes in both the game and in the real world.

Each dish has a different cooking time and different set of required ingredients, forcing you to either grow ingredients in your restaurant's garden or ask for ingredients from friends. Similar to Zynga's first cooking game, Cafe World, you'll be able to add individual tables (that come connected to chairs) and decorations to your restaurant, making it your very own. We'll have more complete thoughts on ChefVille in the near future, so keep checking back for more!

In the meantime, feel free to dive into ChefVille on Facebook, as we'll bring you tips and tricks to becoming a world-renowned chef.

Click here to try ChefVille on Facebook --->

What do you think of ChefVille so far? Will you stop playing Cafe World to try ChefVille, or is there room in your life for two Facebook cooking games? Sound off in the comments!