ChefVille Beginner's Guide: Our hands-on look at getting started [Video]

Revealed earlier this year at Zynga Unleashed, Zynga's ChefVille has finally gone live on Facebook. ChefVille allows you to dive into another round of restaurant creation, similar to the company's Cafe World, but the games differ in ChefVille's focus on gathering individual ingredients to create recipes, rather than unlocking them by completing quests.

ChefVille offers land expansions to add new ingredient shops to your map, and you'll be able to earn ingredients by dining in your friends' restaurants. In addition, if you like the look of a particular in-game dish, you can earn its real-world recipe by continuing to cook it in your game, giving you a real cookbook to unlock over time.

We've already brought you a detailed overview of the game's mechanics, but if you're having trouble starting on your own road to culinary mastery, check out our hands-on beginner's guide below.

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Have you already started playing ChefVille on Facebook? Which game do you think you'll like more overall, ChefVille or Cafe World? Sound off in the comments!

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