Bubble Witch Saga on iPhone: When more of the same is just fine

Bubble Witch Saga iOS review
Bubble Witch Saga iOS review

There's nothing terribly different or new about Bubble Witch Saga on iOS. Save for some slick touchscreen controls, King.com's mega successful Facebook bubble shooter offers more of the same on iPhone and iPad. In fact, this is exactly the same game as what 4 milion players enjoy daily, and if players so choose, they can continue right from where they left off on Facebook on iOS.

When this feature was first announced, we were admittedly skeptical of how well it would work. But lo and behold, you can finish a level of Bubble Witch Saga on your iOS device, and minutes later your scores and progress will update on Facebook. While the shooter looks wonderful and controls intuitively, this connection is really the main draw behind Bubble Witch Saga on iOS.

Cross platform play has been teased (and even achieved) by many a social game maker, but the way in which King.com does it is simply on point. It's seamless, really. Unfortunately (for the length of this review), there isn't much more to be said of Bubble Witch Saga. The bubble shooter looks identical to its Facebook predecessor in every way, from graphics to content.

Even the game's shop is identical to what's offered in the Facebook version of Bubble Witch Saga. The ever-so-familiar Wilbur returns to peddle his wares from the one-time, unlimited-use Charms to the fleeting potions. However, one interesting addition in this take on the puzzler is the addition of a purchase button whenever you're low on bubbles in a particular level. A clever attempt at getting players to pay up, indeed.


Normally, reviews are closed with a statement like "all things considered," but there isn't much to consider with Bubble Witch Saga on iOS. It can't be stated enough: This is, for all intents and purposes, simply a mobile extension of what you already play on Facebook every day. That's not to say that's a bad thing--we bet many players will think it's a very good thing, in fact. Perhaps that's the mark of a success: When there simply isn't anything left to say.

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