Broken American Dream? Immigrants' Adult Children Leave U.S. For Jobs

Over the last century, scores of immigrants have left their poor home countries behind for the golden shores of the U.S.A. But now their grown American children are leaving college, struggling to find good jobs, while watching cousins and friends in India, China or Korea post on Facebook about their exciting careers. In response, more and more of them are choosing to buck the American dreams of their parents, and move to the birth nations they escaped.

The New York Times noted the trend of "repats" -- repatriating expats -- in April, and while the government does not collect specific data on the emigration of immigrant children, the evidence is rife, experts say. 2,122 Koreans from the U.S. permanently returned last year, up from 1,319 in 2005, according to Seoul newspapers, and reported by the New York Daily News.