Living Classics: Spot moving objects in Amazon's first Facebook game

Way back in January, we learned that Amazon was serious about social, and was in the market for game developers for its A2Z studio in California. While plenty of time has passed, the LA Times has now found that the company's first Facebook game has actually come to see the light: Living Classics, a game based on classic literature, is now available for play on Facebook.

Amazon's own website describes Living Classics as a "moving object game," that sees you helping reunite families of lost foxes that have wandered into stories like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of OZ, and King Arthur. In practice, this is a simple but challenging take on the hidden object genre. Instead of searching for hidden items on a list, you'll simply click on anything in an otherwise static scene that's moving. As examples, you might click on a flower swaying in the breeze, a facial expression that changes on a character or a puff of smoke over a fire. In addition, some items only containing a moving pattern, rather than physically moving themselves. There are plenty of items to find in each scene, and quests to complete along the way.

Will Living Classics be a top contender in the "hidden object" genre, or is this twist on the formula enough to pull players in? While we wait to find out, feel free to check out a trailer for the game below, and then try Living Classics out for yourself.

Click here to try Living Classics on Facebook --->

Have you tried Living Classics on Facebook, or any other similar "moving object games?" What do you think of this twist on the standard hidden object genre? Sound off in the comments!

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