Spot'em asks you to spot the differences in Olympics themed events

Capitalizing on the current popularity of the Summer Olympics is Spot'em, a new universal iPhone / iPad app from the folks at InJoyee. Spot'em is a spot-the-difference game, containing a few dozen images based on Olympic sports (soccer, horseback riding, etc.) and multiple gameplay modes that will hopefully keep this limited number of images feeling fresh.

As is the case with most games that require crisp visuals, Spot'em works better on the iPad's larger screen, but still technically functions on the iPhone. Some differences in scenes are rather obvious - an extra / missing hand, deleted sections of the background, different colored hair - others are more subtle, including small text differences or color shifts in striped or otherwise "busy" patterned fabrics.


You'll need to find at least five differences in each pair of images, and will receive an Olympic medal based on your speed and tapping accuracy. As each level is timed, you can purchase additional time with real money, or can also purchase hints that will point out differences with just a tap. Overall, there are some technical issues with Spot'em, mainly revolving around some blurry image sections or far-too-obvious photoshop outlines, but for a free download, you could do much worse. If anything, this would be a great game for younger players, as a way to make them interested in the Olympics, and we can't really argue with that.

Click here to download Spot'em on iTunes --->

Have you tried Spot'em on your iOS device? What do you think of these Olympic-themed images and spot-the-difference modes? Sound off in the comments!

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