FarmVille Sneak Peek: Unicorn Island coming soon!


If you're a fan of unicorns, as so many FarmVille players are, then an upcoming game feature will likely send you to the moon (figuratively speaking, of course). Soon, we'll be able to build and construct a Unicorn Island, complete with rainbow clovers, golden hearts and other fun and whimsical items.

This feature will likely be launched sometime within the next week, as the building materials for constructing the Unicorn Island are already available in the game's store: Rainbow Clovers, Enchanted Blossoms and Hearts of Gold. Furthermore, if you head into the game's store and search for "Unicorn," you'll find four new Unicorns that are available to purchase for Farm Cash.

  • Pirate Unicorn - 65 Farm Cash

  • Bubble Gum Unicorn - 35 Farm Cash

  • Ballerina Unicorn - 40 Farm Cash

  • Rainbow Unicorn - 50 Farm Cash

If you can't wait, then by all means shell out the Farm Cash to purchase these animals now, but I'd personally recommend waiting until the Unicorn Island itself launches in full, just in case there's a way to earn these four Unicorns for free. Either way, this looks like the first of many waves of Unicorn-themed content that will be released in FarmVille over the next few weeks and months. If we're lucky, this will be as major a feature as the dinosaur themed content that continues to be available, giving us something prettier to focus on instead! Stay tuned for more, as we'll make sure you're the first to know when you can start building your very own Unicorn Island on your farm(s)!

What do you think of the idea of a Unicorn Island? Do you hope this will allow us to earn Unicorns for free, or are you fine purchasing the animals for Farm Cash? Sound off in the comments!