CityVille Meteor Crash Site: Everything you need to know


The science labs in your CityVille town are abuzz with activity this weekend, as a meteor has crash landed on the outskirts of your city! Focused on the scientific discoveries this might lead to, you're being pressured by said scientists to expand out to the meteor crash site via a new feature of the same name. There's a goal to go along with this feature called "A Deep Impact," and we're here with a guide on what's up.

A Deep Impact

  • Expand to the Meteor Crash Site

  • Collect 30 Shooting Stars

  • Send your Space Shuttle to Jupiter

The Shooting Stars are earned by posting general news posts on your wall asking all neighbors for help. While you're waiting for them to arrive, you can send your Space Shuttle to Jupiter by collecting Star Fuel. Each Jupiter mission takes just 60 minutes, and you can find out more about this mission and others in our complete guide. Finally, the most complex portion of this goal will see you expanding either one or two squares out from your current town's borders to reach the Meteor Crash Site. This item is ultimately a community building, allowing for 2,000 extra citizens to live in your town, but it's more visually impressive than anything else.

If you've already expanded to the full allowance of the game's current map, you'll simply find this Meteor Crash Site in your inventory, and can place it (should you actually have room to do so - the thing's massive!). For completing this overall goal, you'll receive 10 Sun Fuels, which are used back in the Space Shuttle feature. Of course, this goal and presumably the Meteor Crash Site itself won't be around forever, so make sure to expand and complete this goal sooner, rather than later, if you're interested in the prizes therein. Good luck!

What do you think of this Meteor Crash Site? Does your town have room to hold this massive item? Sound off in the comments!