The Ville Sneak Peek: Man's best friend is coming soon


Dogs, that is. It's no secret that Zynga loves dogs, and that admiration for our furry friends will continue in the Ville, as we've been given a single screenshot that hints at at least four different dogs coming to the game "soon."

While details are sparse, we can do a bit of speculating. If this is a feature that's similar to dog or "pet" releases in other games (FarmVille or CastleVille, for example), it's likely that there will be a large variety of different dogs to purchase for Ville Cash and only one or two available for coins. Or, in the case of the "free" pet, we might receive one through an adoption agency quest series (or something similar). In the picture, we see one dog playing with a stick, so it's also possible that we'll be able to train these dogs to perform tricks or at the very least "fetch."

Again, all of this is purely speculation, based on what we've seen in other Zynga games, and the only concrete fact we do know right now is that dogs are indeed coming to the Ville. Their exact date of arrival is still unknown, but you can be sure we'll let you know when dogs come to the game.

Are you excited to learn that dogs will be coming to the Ville? Would you pay Ville Cash for a specific breed of dog, or will you be happy with any breed, so long as it's technically free? Sound off in the comments!