The Sims Social: Earn a free Progressive Snapshot Microphone for your pad


If you've grown to ignore the green "rewards" checkbox that sits to the right of the Sims Social gameplay area, you'll want to click on it at least a few times in a next couple of days, as a new item has been added to the rewards lineup: a Progressive Snapshot Microphone.

Unfortunately, receiving this microphone is easier said than done, as the promotion seems to be randomized. That is, you may click on the green checkmark and will receive a promotional video for another product, other than Progressive. Most likely, you'll receive Lipton iced tea commercials, which will reward you with free energy, but not the mic stand.

Our suggestion? Keep completing the promotions that you're offered, and then refresh the game to be given a new opportunity at the Progressive Microphone Stand. If we come across a direct link that will let you claim the microphone stand in your game, we'll make sure to let you know. Good luck earning one in your own game!

Have you been able to earn the Progress Snapshot Microphone for your Sim's pad, or are you still trying to get this particular video to show up for you? Sound off in the comments!