FarmVille Venice Items: Gondolier Goat, Masquerade Gnome and more


As we predicted previously, the Venetian item theme in FarmVille has expanded this week, with new trees, animals and more being added to the game's celebration of Venice, Italy and more. We're here with a quick look at the newly released items, so you know exactly what to look / search for when heading into the store yourself.


Venetian Glass Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Venetian Chandelier Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Venetian Mask Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Venetian Mask Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Gondolier Goat - 14 Farm Cash
Masquerade Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Masquerade Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Venetian Tower - 12 Farm Cash


Masquerade Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Docking Pole (Water Only) - 1 Farm Cash
White Poppy Knoll - 20,000 coins

Since these items will remain in the store for the next two weeks, that gives Zynga plenty of time to release additional items in the theme, including (hopefully) some clothing items for our avatars. We'll make sure to let you know if that ends up happening, so keep checking back!

What do you think of these new Venice-themed items in FarmVille? Will you purchase any of them for your many farms? Sound off in the comments!

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