FarmVille Premium Babies / Saplings: Everything you need to know


If you're tired of receiving the same few animals or trees from your own personal Mystery Babies or Mystery Seedlings in FarmVille, and also haven't had much luck collecting these Babies and Seedlings from friends, you can now take matters into your own hands by purchasing either a Premium Baby or a Premium Sapling from the game's store. To find these items, simply stay on the "Specials" tab in the store until the Premium Baby / Sapling ad appears, or search for "Premium" in the game's search box.

Each Premium Baby or Premium Sapling costs 2 Farm Cash each, and growing it guarantees that you'll receive either an animal or a tree that you don't already own. Each Premium Baby takes 40 Animal Feed to grow, while a Premium Sapling requires 20 Watering Cans. If you're one of the incredibly rare farmers that actually owns one of every animal or one of every tree, you'll instead receive an animal or tree that you need most based on your current mastery point totals.

Hopefully, this "guaranteed" new item algorithm works as intended, as I can imagine farmers will be mighty upset if they fork over Farm Cash and then receive something they don't need. Still, there's a lot of potential for this event, as simply purchasing a tree or animal outright costs a lot more than 2 Farm Cash each. These items don't have a time limit, so if you're willing to take a chance that you'll receive something great, simply head into the store to buy one (or more) now.

Will you purchase either a Premium Mystery Baby or a Premium Mystery Seedling? If you already have, did you really receive something you already didn't own? Sound off in the comments!