DeNA and Mobage bring Transformers Battle to iOS and Android this fall

DeNA and Mobage have today announced a new partnership with Hasbro that will see DeNA having exclusive publishing rights to mobile games created in the Transformers franchise. The first product of that partnership is Transformers Battle, a card battle game that holds true to the look and feel of classic Transformers design, while also updating characters for a modern audience and story.

Transformers Battle will contain over 200 "generation one" Transformers at launch, with this lineup being expanded via events and updates after release. Players will be able to collect their favorite Autobots and Decepticons and can complete separate campaigns for both. As players complete missions, they'll be able to salvage parts and equipment from their environments and can use those pieces to upgrade or otherwise enhance a stock Transformer, making them stronger along the way. In addition, there are two cards for each Transformer - the robot form and the item form - and when these cards are combined, a Transformer will become even stronger still.


In addition to single player campaigns, Transformers Battle also offers player vs player battles against friends and strangers alike in a three-on-three setup. World events and updates will see new, limited edition storylines and characters introduced to the game, and players will have a chance to claim a new Transformer each and every day, encouraging dedication. While there's not an exact release date for Transformers Battle as of this writing, we do know it will come to both Android and iOS sometime this year. Stay tuned for more!

Are you excited to learn more about Transformers Battle on iOS or Android? Are you a fan of the growing number of card battle games released on mobile recently? Sound off in the comments!