The Ville Lemonade Stands: Everything you need to know

In the middle of a hot summer day, there are few things as refreshing as a nice cold glass of lemonade, and it's with that in mind that Zynga has released the Lemonade Stand feature in the Ville. This will see you placing a fairly large Lemonade Stand in your game, and then collecting lemons from friends to earn profits.

There's an initial quest to go along with this new feature: Sophie's Lemonade Stand, which has three requirements:

  • Supply Your Lemonade Stand

  • Call Over Friends

  • Collect Coins from your Lemonade Stand

You'll need two pink lemons to supply your Lemonade Stand, which will then give you new options for interacting with it. You'll be able to drink lemonade by yourself, drink with a friend or ask your friends for more pink lemons. Once you supply the stand, there will be multiple individual servings of lemonade available to drink, so you won't be able to collect any profits from the stand until all of those servings have been consumed. Unfortunately, the drinking tasks have time limits, so you can only drink either with a friend or by yourself once every 60 minutes.

When you finish this first quest, you'll earn two experience points and 35 coins, but something tells me there will be more quests available to complete before all is said and done (perhaps with some interesting themed prizes as well). We'll update this space when we learn more about this Lemonade Stand feature, so stay tuned for more!

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