The Grinns Tale hints and tips right from Nexon's bravest adventurers

The Grinns Tale tips
The Grinns Tale tips

Let's not beat around the bush: Nexon's The Grinns Tale is one brilliant Facebook game. If you haven't tried it out yet, it's about time that you corrected that. Luckily for you, Nexon is there to help. To get you started, Nexon's Los Angeles-based studio has provided some insights into a few of The Grinns Tales' heroes and monsters:


The Grinns Tale cheats
The Grinns Tale cheats


Archers are the snipers of the game. They are able to deal a good amount of damage and can hit any target regardless of their position on the screen. If you are tactically minded, you'll want to use the Archer.

Archer Tip #1
Archers are excellent for quickly eliminating enemies that have high damage output. Often times, these dangerous enemies are defensively weak but are inconveniently protected by other monsters on the frontline. Knights and Adventurers will be unable to focus these targets, but the Archer shines here because his ranged attack can focus any enemy in the room.

Archer Tip #2
Archers are also highly versatile, thanks to their Ricochet skill. This ability not only allows the Archer to inflict damage to multiple targets at once, but also has the potential to apply the Archer's debuffs like scalding, poison or shock to multiple targets simultaneously. Later game Archers will gain access to equipment that dramatically increases their attack speed, and this combined with Ricochet and skills like Thermobolt, Elecbolt or Chembolt will allow the Archer to saturate the entire enemy lineup with powerful effects that can turn the battle in your favor.

The Grinns Tale hints
The Grinns Tale hints


The Knight is all about survival and protecting allies. Knights have access to the heaviest armor in the game, and consequently their Defense attribute quickly escalates beyond the reach of every other class. As players progress further up the tower, they will come to depend upon the Knight's mighty defenses to survive relentless onslaughts of heavy damage.

Knight Tip #1
The key to effectively utilizing the Knight's defenses is to place the Knight in the front (right-most) slot during your pre-battle hero selection. This is important because this slot is the only one subject to melee attackers, which often make up a significant portion of the incoming damage. Knights placed in other slots will be less able to effectively utilize their armor advantage to protect other heroes placed in front of them.

Knight Tip #2
A Knights' Defense attribute is probably their most important attribute, even more so than HP (hit points) because it reduces the damage they take per hit. This does two things: it increases the length of time that the Knight can stay alive, as well as reducing the incoming damage rate that any healing must compensate for. If you use a Cleric in your lineup to heal your Knight, you will want to prioritize obtaining Defense on your Knight as it will dramatically increase the survivability of your entire party. Pay close attention to your Knight's Defense stat because even small increases in your Defense rating can very quickly negate incoming attacks all the way down to 1 damage, effectively making Knights nigh-invulnerable.

The Grinns Tale cheats and tips
The Grinns Tale cheats and tips


The Cleric supports your other heroes. Clerics are not particularly durable and can't deal much damage to enemies in comparison to other types of heroes, but they are the only class in the game that can heal other members of the adventuring party.

Cleric Tip #1
Clerics work particularly well in conjunction with Knights, since Knights take less incoming damage due to their high defense attribute, meaning the Cleric's healing is more capable of matching incoming damage rates.

Cleric Tip #2
A really effective advanced strategy, available to players who progress further into the game, is using two different Clerics in your party setup: one with heal equipped and one with haste equipped. You can use the haste Cleric to increase the speed of the heal Cleric, such that the party's overall healing output is extremely high, to the point where you could survive damage from much more powerful enemies than you would otherwise be capable of handling. The best part is, once you've applied enough haste to the healer Cleric, you can just swap out the haste Cleric with a class that deals high damage and make quick work of enemies, all the while still benefitting from the previously applied haste bonus.

The Grinns Tale tips and tricks
The Grinns Tale tips and tricks


Grand Gatekeeper
This enemy is probably the first bad guy that poses a threat to the safety of the heroes. The key to defeating this boss is to pay attention to all 3 of your heroes and use your Cleric's Heal spell to heal whoever is lowest on health. Remember that the Grand Gatekeeper's attack always hits all of your heroes. Make sure you keep everyone's health up. Also don't forget that a Cleric can heal herself.

The Grinns Tale cheats and hints
The Grinns Tale cheats and hints

Thuds hit real hard (hence the name). You may find it tough to beat this big guy until you add a Knight to your party. If you don't have a Knight yet and you really want to defeat a Thud, make sure you complete the full Scrapper set for your Adventurer. The Adventurer isn't quite as durable as the Knight, but with the full Scrapper set equipped, he gets close and should be able to narrowly survive the damage coming from a Thud.

Thuds also have fairly high Defense, so you'll want to use abilities like Thermobolt or items like Softie Potions to bring their Defense rating down so you can deal more damage to them. You'll find that Thuds that are scalded by these magics are not so tough and will fall very quickly to physical damage from heroes like the Archer, Adventurer and Berserker.

The Grinns Tale hints and tips
The Grinns Tale hints and tips


These gas masked bad guys are tough because of the damage they can deal. On top of attacking quick and hard, these guys all can sometimes apply the Scalding effect to your heroes. You'll know one of your heroes is scalded when they turn bright yellow; when this happens you should be on your toes because they'll take a lot more damage from any follow up attacks that they take.

If Scalding is applied to your Knight, it will significantly compromise her defensive advantage, and if she is already warding off a lot of melee damage, she will quickly become worm food. If this happens, use a Hardener potion to remove the scalding effect, or a Healthy potion to deal with the increased damage she is taking.

The best bet with Smokers and their gas masked buddies is to take them out as quickly as possible before they can deal too much damage to your party. Keep in mind is that these guys are Thermal enemies, so they take increased damage from Chemical damage sources. Spells like Bio Blast and Chembolt will deal double damage to all guys in gas masks. Avoid using Thermal damage skills like Thermobolt because attacks like this will only deal half damage.

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