Horn, a gorgeous mobile action game brought to you by Zynga [Video]

Horn screen shots
Horn screen shots

Wait ... what? Oh, sorry--it's published by Zynga and developed by Phosphor Games of Dark Meadow fame. Still, seeing the red and white Zynga logo on a game this dashing and action-packed is a bit jarring, to say the least. Revealed at Zynga Unleashed, follows a great sword-wielding (and magical horn-blowing) dude out to save his people from a terrible curse.

This dastardly spell has turned his fellow men and women into hideous stone creatures, thanks to a gang of giant stone demon bullies. The only way for this guy to break the curse is, of course, to beat the living snot out of his transformed buddies. After a look at the trailer below, we can't help but be excited about Horn--just look at those gorgeous environments.

Well, that and the chance to play a game on iPhone and Android with Shadow of the Colossus-sized enemies. Seriously, how can you not be psyched to take a sword to a massive stone monster as King Horn? You know, the guy from those Old English folk tales? (Don't worry, we had to look it up, too.) Horn is slated to launch on iOS and Android soon, but learn more here.

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