Hidden Chronicles level cap increased, new items added to store

While many of Zynga's Facebook games will allow you to reach Level 100 or even 200 in terms of experience points, Hidden Chronicles is the "odd man out." A new update has increased the game's level cap, seeing users being allowed to hit Level 50 with enough dedicated play, and new items have been added to the game's store to offer incentive for users to reach that new cap.

There are actually quite a few items that will unlock as you make your way to Level 50, from cars and statues to plants and furniture, and items are available for both relatively small amounts of coins and large. For instance, a Flamingo Topiary will set you back just 700 coins, while a large Pool Bar costs 20,200 coins. As you might expect, these items come with Estate Points that are appropriate for the costs, so you'll earn more points and will therefore unlock more scenes for making larger investments.

Is Level 50 a high enough cap to satisfy veteran players? We'll have to wait and see, but at least this increase is better than nothing.

What do you think of this new higher level cap in Hidden Chronicles? What level have you reached in Hidden Chronicles thus far? Let us know in the comments!