EA COO: Zynga 'just hit the wall and dropped to their knees' [Video]

EA COO Peter Moore
EA COO Peter Moore

The Sims Social maker's slap battle with Zynga continues. If you've read our debate on the state of Zynga, then you'll know that things aren't looking so hot for the company at the moment. During a Bloomberg video interview, EA COO Peter Moore had some harsh words to describe the FarmVille maker's current situation.

"To use, if you will, an Olympic analogy, we're competing in the decathlon and if we miss in one event, we've got nine others we can make up on. Zynga is running a marathon," Moore quipped. "They just hit the wall and dropped to their knees."

Moore does have a point: If this whole social gaming thing doesn't pan out, then EA has a bunch of other businesses to turn to. What's even more interesting is that Moore made the comment unprovoked, without any question as to his thoughts on Zynga's status.

It goes to show that the gloves are off, at least as far as EA is concerned. We wouldn't be surprised to see Zynga, perhaps even former EA COO John Schappert, slap back. (Though, Moore was kind enough not to comment on Schappert's recent pseudo-demotion.) But maybe that's more wishful thinking than anything. Can someone bring back Celebrity Deathmatch and retool it as "CEO Deathmatch" already?

[Via Business Insider]

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