CityVille Twix Promotion: Everything you need to know

If you watch a lot of TV, you've likely spotted the "right and left" Twix commercial for Twix candy bars. In it, we see a rivalry between the right Twix bar and the left Twix bar, and that same rivalry has now come to our cities in CityVille. Via this new branded promotion, you can now build to different Twix factories in your town, with each costing just 5,000 coins.

These factories serve as businesses, requiring 100 Goods each to operate. You'll receive just 500 coins in profits each time those Goods are used, but since you can have both running at once, the numbers are of course doubled. Via this new promotion, these businesses will be available until August 17, and if you can earn 20 points of mastery for each factory, you'll receive special decorative statues that give off an 18% bonus payout to surrounding items.

At the end of this promotion, these two Twix factories will both transform into two individual, basic candy factories, so these limited edition decorations are the only pieces that will remain. If you like having branded items within your town permanently, you'll need to master both of these factories to earn these rewards. Good luck earning them in time!

What do you think of these two Twix factories in CityVille? Will you build one or both? Sound off in the comments!