CastleVille Signs of Affection Quests: Everything you need to know

Romance is in the air in your CastleVille Kingdom, as not only has Rafael discovered that he has feelings for Yvette, but Yvette has also built up the nerve to express her true feelings to Rafael! This comes via a new "Spirit Bar" that can be filled by crafting items, rewarding you with seven prizes along the way. You can also complete a new series of quests called "Signs of Affection," so here's our guide to finishing those quests in their entirety!

Whittle Him Down

  • Fill the Admiration Bar

  • Mine 8 Stones

  • Water 4 Saplings

You'll need to craft Whittling Kits to fill the Admiration Bar, with these being crafted using Sand, Stone Blocks and a brush that you'll need to ask your friends to send you. You will receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP for completing this quest.

Sugar Coated

  • Fill the Admiration Bar Again

  • Harvest 12 Strawberries

  • Have 1 Brick Oven

Rewards: 1,750 coins, 35 XP

Bedazzle Him

  • Fill the Admiration Bar Again

  • Have 1 Aquamarine

  • Craft 6 Glue

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP

Beautiful Friendship

  • Fill the Admiration Bar Again

  • Visit 6 Neighbors

  • Have 10 Pails of Water

Rewards: 2,000 coins, 40 XP

Day Trip

  • Fill the Admiration Bar Again

  • Clear 5 Rocks, Plants or Trees

  • Craft 4 Wooden Clubs

Rewards: 2,500 coins, 50 XP

His Biggest Fan

  • Fill the Admiration Bar Again

  • Sell 30 Items

  • Craft 2 Candles

Rewards: 2,500 coins, 50 XP

Prose and Cons

  • Fill the Admiration Bar for the Final Time

  • Craft 4 Parchment

  • Have 10 Red Feathers

Rewards: 3,250 coins, 65 XP

While each of these quests might initially seem easy to complete, remember that filling the Admiration Bar gets more time consuming each time you do it, since you'll need to craft more and more of a particular item to actually fill it up. Also, as you fill the bar, you'll earn special rewards not associated with these quests, giving you extra incentive to keep pushing forward.

Now that there's been this much focus on Yvette and Rafael in CastleVille, I wouldn't be surprised if the next major event sees the two tying the knot! We'll make sure to let you know if that happens.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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