Original Angry Birds takes notes from Facebook version in new update

Angry Birds update
Angry Birds update

Angry Birds, the simply-titled game that sparked a phenomenon three years ago, still has some juice left. That's thanks to yet another update to the ancient (in mobile game years) bird flinger by developer Rovio. The update introduces the power-ups that found their start in Angry Birds Friends on Facebook.

Finally, Angry Birds fans (on iOS and Android) can use all of the awesome abilities available to them on Facebook in a new set of levels added to the set of challenges dubbed "Surf and Turf." Sling Scope, Birdquake, Sling King and Super Seeds are all present and accounted for in the newest version of Angry Birds, giving players a much-welcome edge.

Of course, these are available for in-app purchase, just like there are in the Facebook version. Though, you will be granted a few daily for free. Oh yeah, and Angry Birds HD now supports the new iPad's Retina display. Who said you can't teach an old bird new tricks. (We're so sorry.)

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