FarmVille Venice Items: Murgese Horse, Italy Sheep and more

Interestingly, the Farm Games theme in FarmVille has already come and gone, even though the real world Olympics are still going strong, as a brand new theme has launched in the game's store instead: Venice. There are only a few Venetian items available in the store thus far, but it's definitely possible that this could be the next big item theme in the game. Here's a look at the newly released items.


Quince Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Gordonia Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Gelato Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Gelato Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Murgese Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Casanova Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Italy Sheep - 16 Farm Cash


Italian Ristorante - 15 Farm Cash


Venice Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
Winged Lion Statue - 60,000 coins
Venice Flower Box - 10,000 coins

These items will be available for the next two weeks, but if additional items in the Venice theme launch between now and then, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of this set of Venice-themed items in FarmVille? Will you pay Farm Cash for any of them? Sound off in the comments!